Top Bike Trailer Hacks to Try While You’re Waiting for the Real Deal

Bike trailers are a must-have add-on for serious road cyclists. The thing is, the top bike trailers tend to sell out fast, especially during those gorgeous summer days at the height of the biking season. These temporary bike trailer hacks can help keep you rolling (or at least keep you amused) until you’ve got your hands on a truly dependable trailer.

A Bike Trailer Made from a Jogging Stroller

Did you know you can repurpose an old jogging stroller into a bike trailer? The shape of the frame of most units make them ideal for the purpose. One genius hacker modified the stroller by removing one wheel, adding a pressure-hose connection, and attaching a milk crate onto the frame.

It’s not pretty, but it works. Once you get used to the gait of the set-up, the trailer is great for running errands, as the creator writes: “I find that the shape lends itself very well to hauling things because the frame allows for multiple places to attach things. For example, if I have a particularly heavy load, I will attach a canvas shopping bag to the back of the trailer and load it with items so that the trailer is balanced enough so it does not put too much weight on the connecting arm of the stroller.”

See the full tutorial for this hack along with pictures at Bike Hacks.

From Child Trailer to Cargo Trailer

Have your kids outgrown your old bike trailer? Put it to good use by converting it into a sturdy cargo carrier that hauls your extra gear. This hack takes the wheels, axle, and connector assemble from an old kid trailer and turns them into a flat-bed trailer. The final product looks just like something you’d see in a bike shop.

Check out the full tutorial at MakeZine.

The Most Bananas Bike Trailer Imaginable

Remember Donkey Kong Country, the game where a sentient ape flies you around in a barrel-shaped airplane? Now, imagine how a bike trailer would look in that universe. Someone actually brought that vision to life with a child-bike-trailer-turned-barrel-trailer. While it may not haul as much cargo or ferry your children as safely as a top bike trailer, I’m in awe of the creativity and possible madness that went into this hack.

Seriously, you have to see it. MakerZine has all the details.

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