Winter Proofing Your Home!


I was just working on working on my winter proofed home recently when I noticed that a family of angry beavers had made a home out of under my deck. This is a problem. I am an avid cat lover so when I noticed that there was an aggressive family of beavers living under my deck I became concerned. I know that beavers, although they can be very cute, are known to be carnivores. Recently, a man in Australia was walking along the riverbank when a pack of wild hungry beavers attacked him, parts of his clothing were located but the man was never found. These sorts of stories were an influence on me when I noticed the furry little creatures.

Of course I had them relocated to a river away from my home but I also discovered that I was in need of working on proofing my home up for winter. I know that I had to have my windows done. Right now my windows are not sealed properly so I have found that there are cold drafts coming through my home. Its not amazing when this happens because it generally lowers the temperature of the home and as a result I feel colder and less comfortable.

So I had my windows fixed up properly but also found that I had to get my floors refinished, this was a huge job and as a result I had to spend some money getting it fixed up. In the end- my house was still cold! I couldn’t figurer out what the problem with my house being so cold was, but in the end I suppose it was my furnace! I couldn’t believe it! MY FURNACE! It had broken sometime during the fall, much to my consternation, and in the end I had to get it fixed up- properly. My best recommendation is to make sure you get your furnace checked for the winter before you really do anything else with the winter. I mean, its one of those things you really cant let go. Or else you will be cold.