Top Bike Trailer Hacks to Try While You’re Waiting for the Real Deal

Bike trailers are a must-have add-on for serious road cyclists. The thing is, the top bike trailers tend to sell out fast, especially during those gorgeous summer days at the height of the biking season. These temporary bike trailer hacks can help keep you rolling (or at least keep you amused) until you’ve got your hands on a truly dependable trailer.

A Bike Trailer Made from a Jogging Stroller

Did you know you can repurpose an old jogging stroller into a bike trailer? The shape of the frame of most units make them ideal for the purpose. One genius hacker modified the stroller by removing one wheel, adding a pressure-hose connection, and attaching a milk crate onto the frame.

It’s not pretty, but it works. Once you get used to the gait of the set-up, the trailer is great for running errands, as the creator writes: “I find that the shape lends itself very well to hauling things because the frame allows for multiple places to attach things. For example, if I have a particularly heavy load, I will attach a canvas shopping bag to the back of the trailer and load it with items so that the trailer is balanced enough so it does not put too much weight on the connecting arm of the stroller.”

See the full tutorial for this hack along with pictures at Bike Hacks.

From Child Trailer to Cargo Trailer

Have your kids outgrown your old bike trailer? Put it to good use by converting it into a sturdy cargo carrier that hauls your extra gear. This hack takes the wheels, axle, and connector assemble from an old kid trailer and turns them into a flat-bed trailer. The final product looks just like something you’d see in a bike shop.

Check out the full tutorial at MakeZine.

The Most Bananas Bike Trailer Imaginable

Remember Donkey Kong Country, the game where a sentient ape flies you around in a barrel-shaped airplane? Now, imagine how a bike trailer would look in that universe. Someone actually brought that vision to life with a child-bike-trailer-turned-barrel-trailer. While it may not haul as much cargo or ferry your children as safely as a top bike trailer, I’m in awe of the creativity and possible madness that went into this hack.

Seriously, you have to see it. MakerZine has all the details.

For Seniors, Staying at Home Longer is Becoming Increasingly Possible


As we age, certain daily functions of life become more challenging. This is no one’s fault—humans were not meant to live forever, so physical and mental functions gradually decline even amongst the healthiest people. That said, there is no reason to accept this and not try to prolong the lifestyle that we know and enjoy.

One way to do this is with in-home assistance. By having a professional support worker come into their home on a daily basis, thousands of Canadian senior citizens have been able to continue dwelling in their own homes. No one wants to go into assisted living, if the alternative is staying safe in a place they know and call home. Furthermore, as the need for long-term beds increases, government commitment to provide financial aid continues to fall short.

Professionally trained workers can help to make staying at home possible by assisting their clients with the basics, as well as more specialized individual needs, such as bathing, grooming, and medication.

Right at Home health care is a leading provider with a large number of clients across Canada. Their core mission is to help seniors stay in their homes longer and they do this with individualized care. Just as no two people are the same, no two seniors have exactly the same health challenges and care needs. Right at Home assesses their clients, assigns the appropriate worker(s), and creates a plan that thoroughly addresses that person’s situation. They also assess the living environment to see how changes can be made to increase ease and accessibility, while also reducing or eliminating any potential risks that could cause falls or other injuries.

Family members are often dedicated and compassionate caregivers, but very few have the time and training to take on this role successfully without assistance. Companies like Right at Home help to ease that burden and create peace of mind not only for clients, but

Insights Into Outdoor Fireplace Plans 


A lot of people delight in remaining outside their homes for some fresh air. There are times when it gets too cold and staying late outdoors can become rather uncomfortable. For warmer and more enjoyable outdoor party with households, an outdoor fireplace is a very good investment to make. 

Contacting your regional workplace is very important in planning for your outdoor fireplace since there are particular requirements that you need to follow and remember that these regulations differ from each area to location. Some regions do not permit to wood burning. On the other hand, a lot of districts require certain rules on the positioning, size and safety. See to it that you know the building regulations in your neighborhood in order to plan for your outdoor fireplace. 


When you recognize with the requirements in building outdoor fireplace, you can begin searching for innovative designs and ideas in numerous home enhancement sites and magazines. It is also practical to visit your regional home improvement buy more motivating tips. By doing this, designing your fireplace for the outdoors will certainly be a lot much easier. You need to know the size of the fireplace in addition to the specific area and make sure to recognize the kind of model and product you desire for your fireplace. You can pick in between having a wood-burning fireplace and a gas fireplace. If you already have a plan, begin with your design procedure and as much as possible, look for aid from a professional designer. It is also recommended to figure out the products you need and your designated budget plan for the project. 

An architect or a professional contractor can help you in assessing your design and guaranteeing its safety and quality. More importantly, a professional can give you the right info on the estimate expense of the products, labor expense and the timeline of the project. Doing the project by yourself might not be good concept unless you recognize with building regulations, building and safety preventative measures. 

With the assistance of the professionals, the user will be ensured of a complete and efficient construction. The outdoor fireplace will likewise be installed in compliance with safety laws and policies and will certainly guarantee that users are secured from fire threats. Professional installers can provide homeowners with a customizeded outdoor fireplace that will satisfy all their needs. With a professional, users will have the ability to put their cash to good use, and they will certainly likewise take pleasure in the benefits of a long lasting, elegant, and reliable fireplace. 

An Outdoor fireplace exudes warmth and coziness and can create a terrific place where the user can spend their outdoor nights. With Portland outdoor fireplaces, users are able to pick from a wide variety of designs and styles in order to find the one that fit them and their household best. 

Consider the current area on your outdoor lawn and your preferred appearance of your outdoor fireplace. Ideas and concepts about building outdoor fireplace, it is very well to browse the Internet if you desire to get more info. You should keep in mind that your fireplace design have to fit your taste as well as your lifestyle. 

2018 Colour and Design Trends

Colour and design trends are something that change on a yearly and in some cases even a monthly basis. Let’s explore some of 2018 colour trends and designs.

Trend 1 : Memories : Returning to the classics of 1940s French Fashion, art deco and art nouveau. This colour trend evokes a romantic spirit with highly stylized design that is luxurious and feminine. Colours of this trend include, blue-greens, lacquer red, dark-brown wood hues and bronzed caramel, lightened with touches of greyish pink and gold.

Trend 2 : Natural Wonders : These colours and trends were inspired by nature and innovation, there is a human desire to be surrounded by nature but not leave the city. The want to go back-to-basics and focus on well-being without giving up modern comforts of city life. Colour of this trend are casual with springtime and seaside influences, with coral tones, aquatic blues and overexposed colours with sunny contrast like salmon, lobster, pebble and ocean.


Trend 3 : The Stars : As fantasy experiences increase with the use of virtual reality , life is being experienced through dreams and imaginations – unnatural nature. Retro, vintage tech is trending, along with futuristic possibilities. Colour are insured by the exotic and unnatural natural world of fantasy. Pastels are layered with lacquers and glow. The influence of technologically based colour creates layers of gloss and bling, with shocking pops of rose, hot pink, dark blue and 1980s retro colours.

Trend 4 : Adventures : Through myths, lore and legends, oral storytelling recalls the historical narratives of cultures and people throughout the world. The call to adventure and new worlds are for those who desire to be transported to faraway lands. These lush, extravagant colours are found in nature such as reds, emerald greens, amber, laval black and mystic purple with infusions of laval black, earthy brown, dark reds, blue and purple.
Trend 5 : Childhood Joys : creating a fairytale for one’s life adds joy and pure love of life. It reflects the comfort and routine that allows the child to be free to dream of other worlds. Colours are chic, sophisticated basics with classics of navy, burgundy, grey, and beige, along with near primaries of blue, green and orange.

Eight Steps to Your Perfect Home

Finding your truly perfect home is usually a far of dream for most people. It can become a reality if you have the right home builders to help you.

1. Design Your Perfect Home For You: Customize and design your perfect dream home according to your needs and wants.
2. Add the Colours, Styles and Options You Love : Style your home the way you want it. From hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, granite counter, oak cabinets or a stone fire place! What ever you want you can get!

3. Stake Out Your Lot : Make it official! This is where your new home will stand, watch as your builders steak out the floor plan to your home.
4. Solid Foundation: Foundation is essential to a well built home. If there is no foundation there is no home! Check to see if your builder has a comprehensive warranty.

5. Watch Your Home Being Built from the Inside: If your lucky enough you can get the advantage of a home builder  that will build your home away from the site and the ravages of weather.
6. New Home Delivery: Watch in fascination as your new home get delivered via truck to your foundation.
7. Finishing On Site Touches:  Your builders will finish any finishing touches to your home on site before you get the keys!

8. Move In: Finally the day is here! Your builders have handed you the keys and you can officially move into your dream home!

Make Your Home in Ontario

Ontario is one of the most scenic and appealing provinces in Canada, and an excellent place to build a home.

The average person is happy to move into a pre-existing structure, but some people like a home that reflects their individual tastes. In order to accomplish that, they often need to build one from scratch.

So, the next step is find home builders in Ontario? Yes, you can absolutely do that, but you should do some research beforehand. Specifically, what kind of home do you want? Large? Small? Cottage? All-year-round structure?

royal homes home builder

What kind of money can you spend? Building your home can in some ways be cheaper than buying a pre-existing one, but that depends on the size and location. Speaking of location, where in Ontario do you wish to live? Land in rural areas can be less expensive and there are definite benefits to living in the country away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas. However, if you are the type of person who likes convenience and access to a wide variety of restaurants, movie theatres, and night clubs, city life is probably your best choice. The size and popularity of that city will factor into land costs, particularly if you favour living in Toronto.

OK, with those areas out of the way, what do you need to think about when looking for a home builder? Again, the type of structure definitely plays a factor. Some builders are more experienced with building traditional homes than ones that are custom designed. Talk to friends, research on Google, and make appointments with the builders’ representatives. Don’t be afraid to ask any question that comes into your head. It is important that you know everything relevant to the topic before you make that all-important decision. Good luck!

Winter Proofing Your Home!


I was just working on working on my winter proofed home recently when I noticed that a family of angry beavers had made a home out of under my deck. This is a problem. I am an avid cat lover so when I noticed that there was an aggressive family of beavers living under my deck I became concerned. I know that beavers, although they can be very cute, are known to be carnivores. Recently, a man in Australia was walking along the riverbank when a pack of wild hungry beavers attacked him, parts of his clothing were located but the man was never found. These sorts of stories were an influence on me when I noticed the furry little creatures.

Of course I had them relocated to a river away from my home but I also discovered that I was in need of working on proofing my home up for winter. I know that I had to have my windows done. Right now my windows are not sealed properly so I have found that there are cold drafts coming through my home. Its not amazing when this happens because it generally lowers the temperature of the home and as a result I feel colder and less comfortable.

So I had my windows fixed up properly but also found that I had to get my floors refinished, this was a huge job and as a result I had to spend some money getting it fixed up. In the end- my house was still cold! I couldn’t figurer out what the problem with my house being so cold was, but in the end I suppose it was my furnace! I couldn’t believe it! MY FURNACE! It had broken sometime during the fall, much to my consternation, and in the end I had to get it fixed up- properly. My best recommendation is to make sure you get your furnace checked for the winter before you really do anything else with the winter. I mean, its one of those things you really cant let go. Or else you will be cold.

Getting To Know Me

Welcome everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Immanuel and I have started this blog to let you in on the secrets and success to my life. I am a 30 year old living in a big city with problems and issues just like every other 30 year old. I make a pretty good living for myself, being a real estate agent. I have a great house, an amazing job and a very happy family. My wife just gave birth to our daughter and we are extremely thankful and happy to have such a beautiful, healthy child.


Since I am a real estate agent, I wanted to start a blog about everything I know and learned in my 30 years of being here. I have made many mistakes but also learned from those mistakes. Currently, I am living a great life with my family in a great home that I found exactly one year ago. So far, things are going great that I wanted to be able to share with you all. Through the ups and downs, I will share my life and experiences and hope that you can learn from my mistakes and success as well I as have.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will come back and follow me on my journey!